Monday, March 14, 2016

This is also hanging in the current show at Graton Gallery.  I love the birds. There are many flocks of doves in our neighborhood, although this one was in a eucalyptus grove where I take many of my morning walks.  They also love to hang out in my garden.  

The Dove
10 x 8
Oil on Board
$400 UF
Speaking of Tim....I did this painting from a photo I had taken of him painting at China Camp.  It was my first attempt at adding the human element to a landscape.  I was pretty happy with the outcome.  Since then I have taken a workshop with Peggi Kroll Roberts that was very helpful in dealing with the human form, and many other challenges as well.  Great teacher and painter.

Oil on Board
12 x 9
$450 UF

One of the paintings in my show at Graton Gallery...This guy lives on the Moore Ranch, one my favorite ranches, and one that I have had the pleasure to paint on several times during Tim Horn workshops.  

Paying Attention
6 x 8
Oil on Board