Wednesday, July 2, 2014

While doing the latest workshop in Nicasio I took lots of photographs for painting later.  This was looking north and had the most peaceful feeling.  I hope I've captured some of that here.  There were some cows in the distance but I chose to leave them out.  The water in the pond was actually a vibrant turquoise, but I didn't think that would read right in the painting so I took liberties there.  I would like to go back and paint this scene en plein air.  I enjoyed painting something a little bigger than I've been doing lately, too.
Peace in the Valley
Oil on Raymar Board
11 x 14

I've already posted this painting on Daily Paintworks and it received a DPW auction pick of the day, which is always encouraging.  This was a response the to The Path challenge posted on Daily Paintworks.  I always enjoy pathways and often put them in when they aren't actually there. There is something so mysterious and inviting about them that can spark up a dull painting.  Or so I think, anyway.  There actually is a pathway along this waterway, though, and is in the Corte Madera estuary where I often walk.   I've painted the estuary from many angles but this is a first for this view.  Mount Tamalpais in the background is another favorite walking place.  I love doing the challenges too, so inspiring!!!
Along the Waterway
Oil on Raymar Board
8 x 10