Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The third day of the workshop was at the Moore Ranch in between Petaluma and Pt. Reyes.  Incredibly beautiful with stunning views and many interesting outbuildings to paint.  I think this was a favorite spot for many people.  Its my second opportunity to paint at this location and I hope I get another one in the future.  I was particularly happy with the hills in the background. I was able to capture some great photos here as well.  A stream of cows was walking across that field behind the barn at one point with one trailing behind obviously having trouble keeping up.....she was sure to birth at any moment.  Viewing the whole vista with the cows trailing along in a very long, long line was surreal.  I'll post a picture later.
Beyond the Barn
10 x 8
Oil on Raymar panel

Monday, June 23, 2014

On the second day of the painting workshop we painted at St. Vincent's School for Boys.  Its a beautiful location and provides many landscape viewpoints as well as the architecture of the school itself.  We are very fortunate that they allow painting workshops there, and I look forward to painting there again in the near future.  I might tackle a building, or portion of one when I get there again.  This is looking north below the school, the fields being recently mowed. 
Field Day at St. Vincent's
Oil on Raymar Panel
8 x 10
I'll be posting the third and fourth paintings tomorrow and the next day.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oil on Raymar Board
8 x 10
Just finished The Beauty of Marin plein air workshop with Tim Horn.  As the assistant to the instructor I don't have as much time to paint, but I did manage to get one painting started in each of the four excellent places we painted.  This was number one at China Camp in San Rafael.  The weather was lovely, the company was great, and Tim is a generous and talented instructor.  I'm still working on loosening up....haha....hard to tell from this painting.  Still, it works for me.  I'm going to try posting a painting a day from the workshop.  They all need some finishing up.