Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday September 20, 2012

Just to get going...something about myself.......I returned to my love of painting and the enjoyment (and frustration) of the learning process a few years ago (2005) after a very long and winding road.  When I was very young I received two working scholarships to the Laguna Beach School of Art and called....Laguna College of Art and Design....but life has a way of interfering....and in those heady...pardon the pun....days of the '60's.... sex, drugs and rock and roll became my focus, and then a baby was on the way and another curve in the road.  Being a single Mom, and all of the challenges that came with earning a living, I turned to textiles and for many years built a cottage industry doing piecework, cutting and bundling for small companies, and employing other women who found themselves in the same position.....and when my children were old enough to head out on their own I then moved into designing and producing my own one of a kind and limited edition garments and accessories.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with textiles....hand dyeing silk and velvet....and the tactile quality of that medium.  This eventually led me to start painting again....first in acrylic...but quickly into oil paint...which is what I truly love to do.  So here I am now, painting, participating in workshops, and wanting to move into the greater community of artists and aspiring artists.  

This is that first painting.....Stargazer....18 x 14 acrylic on board.....happily sold.  This is one followed

Sunflowers....14 x 18 acrylic on board, and lives with my son.  It took some time...I procrastinate....heheh....but eventually I finished my first oil painting....which was a big one...48 x 48

Casablanca, one of my favorite lilies...Oil on canvas, 48 x 48, lives with a very good friend of mine.  This was painted in winter with the heavenly scent of lilies overwhelming the equally lovely, to me, smell of paint and medium.  This was quickly followed by  

 Winter Pears....oil on board 16 x 18, which happily sold...and I could take you through every one but maybe I will figure out how to make a to this....but this is a start.......


  1. I do not see a place to subscribe to this beautiful blog... but then, I can barely see to type, through my veil of tears, after seeing that my blogs were not listed in the 'blogs I follow' list.

  2. Oh damn! I'll get right on that!! And I'll have to figure out about the to's amazing I got this far......wipe those tears up....just a space out.....I love your blog.....

  3. You have done a great job... it will never rival your paintings, but your artistic soul is showing... my tears have dried.

  4. Thanks Ted.....I did the same on your page but for some reason it still isn't showing on my blog follow....I'm going to work on that later on...see what the problem is!!