Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

Into the Valley
Oil on Board
9 x 12

My morning walking partner and good friend keeps her horse at a ranch in Woodacre....I love to visit the smells...the colors..the horses, buildings.....all of it..especially having been a horse owner, and eternal horse lover as well....and it is a favorite of plein air classes and groups.....although I haven't had the pleasure yet myself to actually paint on site...things to look forward to....But this picture is just as you drop over the hill and down into the valley....right before you make the turn to the was a lovely morning with the fog just lifting.....
And the good news is this painting is now sold......


  1. I love the treatment of the land bar, Jill. The depth of field is luscious and smooth, reflective of the integrity of the sea waters and the seam where land and water meet.
    Nice site, too.

  2. Wait it is fog on land. All the same applies ... smooth, integrity of the fog to land. Bear in mind I am always looking for the sea because I live in the desert. Water is Life - in fog or sea.

  3. Thanks made me look at the painting with fresh eyes.....I think it must be a little confusing....challenging doing fog!