Saturday, June 6, 2015

This is a painting from more fall/winter.  This is one of my favorite morning walking places and the colors were really popping as they often do when the ground and plants are moist.  In the right corner in the back there was actually a Nordstrom where the barn is.  I liked the idea of the barn there it is.  
Early Morning
9 x 12
Oil on Board

Today I'm going to use my new Carol Marine shadow box that is put together by Jeff Nobbe
and sold at this link
Or check out Carol Marine's blog and their is more info there, too.
Hopefully I will have something I'll be happy to share show later.  


  1. Loved the way you use your artistic license...the barn looks great! I am anxious to hear how the shadow box works out for you. Happy Painting!

  2. Thanks Kaethe. I'll keep you posted!!