Monday, June 20, 2016

Went painting for the first time at Marin Headlands with a good friend.  What a beautiful day!!  Look forward to getting back there.  So many different scenes to paint.  So many lovely views.  Working on my rocks these days as they seem to be showing up more in my paintings.  This one wasn't quite ready to enter the Marin County Fair, but I did enter five others, and they kept four.  Can't wait to go to the fair!!!  So many incredible artists on display....a great place for taking pictures, and just all around fun!!

Marin Headlands, Beautiful Morning
8 x 10
Oil on Board
UF $400


  1. Very nice Jill! What a wonderful day it must have been! Congrats on your entries into the fair!

  2. Thanks Kaethe. It was really a wonderful experience. Maybe we will go paint there someday?? So many good locations and views.